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The mission of Concord University is to improve the lives of our students and communities, through innovative teaching and learning, intellectual and creative activities, and community service and civic engagement.

Upcoming Events

Clearly You Crystals

Ground Floor Lobby

Colton Lively

November28Tuesday11:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Athens-Concord Holiday Social

Alumni LoungeChapel

Office of Advancement

November28Tuesday5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Panhellenic Council Meeting

AB Conference Room

Lauren Phillips

November28Tuesday7:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Featured Stories

Dr. Scott Inghram '03
MSW Program Director and Associate Professor

“Students are the best part of my job and I hope that I am a positive part of their learning experience at the Campus Beautiful.”

Dr. Inghram says working for the Social Work department at Concord allows him to impart skills and knowledge in order to better serve our global community while addressing specific needs and issues. He believes our students have the opportunity to not only build the knowledge base they need, but to engage in “doing” in order to put their newly formed knowledge into practice. Dr. Inghram and the Social Work faculty are continuously researching and serving on boards and committees to make sure the program at CU prepares our students to take on the many issues challenging our state and local communities.

Dr. Scott Inghram '03

Dr. Scott Inghram '03

MSW Program Director and Associate Professor

Photo of Amy Walker

Amy Walker '12

Admissions Counselor

A photo of Miranda Martin outside of the Rahall Technology Center at Concord University

Miranda Martin '09

Director of Institutional Research & Data Services

Zoey Shamblin

Zoey Shamblin

Sociology Major with Criminology Emphasis

Hannah Justice
Princeton, WV

Not only was Concord close to home for Hannah, but due to the reputation of the university’s commitment to providing extensive scholarship opportunities for students it attracted her to Concord even more. She emphasizes that one of the best parts of the campus is the community of diverse people. While getting to meet people from all over the world during her time on campus, Concord has shown her that although we are all different, we still come together as one people. Majoring in Chemistry with the chosen route being the 3+1 pre-pharmacy plan, Hannah has always wanted to work in the medical field while being behind the scenes in some way. She is involved on campus with the Bonner Scholars Program as well as the Appalachian Leadership Education Foundation. “I would encourage a new student to come to Concord because you will get opportunities to meet new people, learn new things through picking one of the many options to study, and become a part of the comforting atmosphere created by students and faculty.”